Feasting on Art

Okay, here's something pretty amazing. I found it on a fun blog, Feasting on Art

Wayne Thiebaud painting via Feasting on Art
cakes made by Sharon Core via Feasting on Art
Yep, this artist recreated Wayne Thiebaud's painting of cakes! I think she did a pretty good job. I saw a show of all these cake paintings a few years ago, and they are beautiful. It made me realize that anything that turns an artist on is worthy of their attention, and can be translated into art. 


Winter Diary

I'm trying to love winter. I say "trying" because it's not usually my favorite time of year. I'm a summer girl at heart, but I must say that since changing my attitude and finding pleasure in winter instead of cursing it (!) I have found amazing beauty. There is a certain quality of light in the late afternoon that I am now in love with. The starkness of the trees and branches are so gorgeous and graphic just now. Night drives through the country lanes are mysterious and quiet. Shadows are interesting. Tracks and footsteps are fun to put a story to. Of course there is also sitting by the fireside, lighting candles, and eating carbs. What could be bad about any of that? I'd love to know your strategies for winter living, too.


Let's here it for Leibster!

I can't really find much info on the Leibster Blog Award, but I can proudly say that Kathryn Clark very kindly nominated my blog for one! The idea is to spread the word about interesting blogs that have fewer than 300 followers (that's me for sure!). When you get tagged you pay it forward by nominating 3 to 5 blogs you like. So here goes.

TskTsk journal is written by Tiel Seivl-Keevers, a Brisbane-based artist who writes about her work, and her world. She has certainly handled life with grace this month with all the distressing flooding that has occurred in her area. I like Tiel's layout and uncluttered look. Her art and illustrations are beautiful, and she always seems to show me an interesting slice of life that makes me smile and be happy to be an artist. I bet Tiel has more than 300 followers, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to tell! So I apologize to whomever if I am breaking rules.
Tiel Seivl-Keevers
Tinctory is Eva's blog. She is from the Midlands in the UK, and makes stunning jewelry with textiles. I love how she refers to nature in her work and in her blog. It's inspiring to see how she photographs things in a warm and moody light, and makes that work well.

Kaylovesvintage is from the Netherlands. I just like looking at all the great vintage finds on her blog, and the fantastic artwork in the shots. It's fresh and fun. There always seems to be something new going on over there. I am also a huge fan of all things Netherlandish! The sense of style is just amazing.



A Treat!

Jeana Sohn
Get ready for a treat. Artist, blogger, and clotheshorse Jeana Sohn brings us Closet Visit. Jeana is an artist who "visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets", and tells us all about it in pictures, beautiful pictures, and words. What a concept! Here's a taste.

Jeana Sohn
Jeana Sohn
Here is her blog, and here is  an example of her beautiful art. You can see more here.

Jeana Sohn


Boro-inspired Drawings

I've been making drawings inspired by  the Japanese textiles known as Boro for the past few weeks. After reading a book about Boro (which translates as "rags") I got fascinated by the idea of making drawings in the same spirit of patched and mended fabric. Boro were made in the northern part of Japan, where it is very cold, and were a way of using every last scrap of valuable fabric to create warm clothing. Frugality and the art of "making do" are mother to creativity in a way that nothing else can be. I want  to honor and explore these ideas, and see how they translate to paper. Artist Kathryn Clark did a post on Boro recently on her blog which you can look at here.

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