I just found Jade Pegler

I know...two posts in one day! But I just discovered this wonderful artist, Jade Pegler, from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. I found her on Flickr and then on her blog. Her work is so resolved..it is a beacon to me in that way. She really knows what she is doing, and is deeply exploring it. I really like the feeling that she is in an altered reality. I wish I could spend some time with her in her studio. I'd have many questions.

Mod Bubbles

Here are a few new small paintings I just did. Still playing off the bubbles, but in very small work, which is a relief after finishing a large painting this week. Something about the modern feel of these is pleasing me. I'm thinking about smaller work right now, and heading toward a big push for textile designs to go to Surtex in May. These are helping me get in that mode.


Working Lunch

We had a working lunch today over at Deb and Nanako's to plan some new products for Studio Pig and Fish, our new online gallery. We are happy to have this as our conference room! That soup is red lentil with potatoes, carrots and kale. It was perfect for a chilly autumn day. That's Deb's mom's china, and linens Nanako got in Japan. And we are sitting at a beautiful table Deb made. I feel so lucky.


Studios on Flickr

Originally uploaded by Stígur
My studio work table looks more like this than not most days. I end up with all my supplies around me in a tight bunch with just a little window for making the art! I think that is a natural part of creating for me...to think of something I could use or an element I could add and to bring it to my table. It's part of getting in the flow of exploration and experimentation.


Studios on Flickr

Work area after
Originally uploaded by kikiclark
There is a group on Flickr of artist's studios. I found this great "after" shot of Kiki Clark's studio. I really love all the good stuff going on here. It makes me feel like getting down to work just to look at what she has created. I want to take a closer look at those waxed paper drawings or prints hanging on the right, and rummage through that stack of beautiful drawers. I admire the ability to keep things this neat and visually cohesive at the same time. I find it a tricky balance to maintain order and also give myself the freedom to be messy and explore. My studio is at home so I make an effort to keep it a truly separate space, otherwise I would feel the need to keep it cleaner! Check out Kiki's gorgeous work, too.

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