I guess I have been working on things, but it feels so slow right now. I'm learning plenty in my ceramics classes...most of it a bit humbling. It really teaches me to be in the process and appreciate all that I am learning. I love three dimensions, but constructing them and then glazing things with lag times in between is very different from my usual flow. I've also been working on this big pink and orange thing for so long. I'm calling it Ode to 1967 because of that hippie color combo. I just can't get the colors right. It's good in the studio, but then when I take it into a normal room the color changes so dramatically! What the hell is that? When I really feel lost I just make circles. And no making fun of that phallic spoon! I've already been teased plenty.


Jessica Drenk

Jessica Drenk dips things in porcelain and then fires them. Go look at some of her other work, here. It's all pretty wonderful. There is so much to working with porcelain that is tricky and unpredictable, so I really know that it's a challenge to get this kind of work done. 

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