Do you know Inca Pan?

I might be the last person on the planet to discover this illustrator. He is Inca Pan, Taiwanese, and you can  look at his Flickr stream if you have more time to burn! The image below is via Heloholo. I like the dreamlike, narrative quality of his work. His access to the intuitive is really a gift.

Inca Pan


The Sartorialist Blog

I'm getting ready to go to NYC for a few days, so I had to visit the Sartorialist to see what is going on fashion-wise down there. I lucked out because there is a great little YouYube film just up today on how the Sartorialist films his subjects. He talks about leading a visual life and the pleasures of getting to relate to things visually every day. I love fashion as the fluid, immediate art form of the streets. It turns out that my basic uniform of jeans, sweater, scarf, and clogs is worthy of this blog. Not that I look like this in my uniform.
The Sartorialist


Sketchbook Project Countdown

Anyone who is involved in the Sketchbook Project is probably doing exactly what I am doing right now. Dashing to the deadline. Here are some of the latest I've done. I am having fun too. I do work well under (moderate) pressure. I've just let each day's feelings and happenings guide me on subject matter. Some images have come from songs or dreams, or waking dreams. 

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