Drawing Project

Last weekend I was at a thrift store where they had a huge aquarium. I was fascinated by all the living plants, as well as the fish. They were waving back and forth and undulating to take in food. These drawings come from that experience. They developed from simple dots in a mass, to more defined plantlike shapes. Most of this was unconscious, but at some point I could see what was being created. It's at this point that the drawing got more self-conscious, which makes it more difficult in some ways, and more of an aesthetic experience. It's a mystery to me how it all works. All I know is that it's best to walk some line between knowing and not knowing.


Drawing Project

Here are the latest drawings for the drawing project. The stack is getting steadily bigger. Some days I'm way into it and making several drawings for "the project", and other days I just do one as quickly as possible. But I'm finding that my interest and engagement in the drawings is growing. Something interesting and different is happening.


A Day Out

Everything in this post is winter white! Yesterday we went up to Chases's for breakfast and then to 412 to check out what they are doing. Maine. Magazine included 412 in a great article (written by Maria Alexandra Vettese) about the comforts of home. Chase's was fab as usual...especially because there were almond croissant, and a wonderful show in the gallery. 412 is just such a beautifully realized space. Everything is all- of- a -piece and gorgeous. I could stay there all day and spend lots of money....but alas, there is reality.

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