Aboriginal Art

Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Yam Dreaming, 1995, via Cooeeart.com
photo by Bindi Cole
photo by Bindi Cole
photo by Bindi Cole ( all via Aboriginal Art Coop Gallery)
Last year when I saw the drawing show at MOMA I was very interested in a large work by Emily Kam Kngwarry (Australia, 1910-1996). I started looking at the way she used dots, lines and color. It got me looking at the beauty of pure surface design, and it influenced me in my paintings and textile designs. I was looking around this morning for more images of her work, and came across this Kngwarry painting, this photographer, and many other aboriginal artists. Some links to visit are:


a new painting

Here I am again! I have been so absent from this blog; I do apologize. Photographs have been the problem. I'm learning about how to use manual settings for my camera as well as a whole new software package for working with them. So far I've messed up all the interfaces between my camera and computer so royally that it's a wonder I was even able to get this (overexposed!) photo up here. I will get better, but in the meantime the ride is bumpy. I've had little studio time (sigh), but have been working on this canvas collage. It's in the early stages, and it keeps on morphing in my head. I think my next step will be to do some small abstract embroideries on separate fragments of canvas and then glue them into the canvas. I want to add some horizontal elements as well. I feel so full of ideas, and I want so much to make all the creative leaps I know are in the works, but I have to be patient, which I'm not so good at. I just keep telling myself that frustration and uncertainty are just as much a part of creative progress as flow and confidence. I'd be interested in how other people handle this place.

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