A clean studio has motivated me!

Having all that work out of the studio really did motivate me! I've done these during the last three days. I think I'll switch two of the pieces in the show for two of these. I had a delicate rubbing of one of my paintings up, but it just did not have the weight it needed. It's kind of nice to have this in-between week to fool around with the show. Next week back to some posts about other artists.


A Show of my work at the Gallery@Spencer Lofts in Chelsea, MA

My first solo show opens in Chelsea, MA this Saturday, September 10th. I've been working on this show for 18 months. I am showing 26 works. I started the project with the idea of doing at least one drawing every day for a year and seeing how it influenced my work. I completed that promise to myself, and right now I'm just glad to be at the end of it! I've learned so much, and I'm pleased with the show. But now I'm ready to start thinking about new work. I love having my studio bare. Today I made some new pieces and it felt so good to start fresh. Not that I ever really start fresh, but something about having something finished is very energizing for me.

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