Ceramics just out of the kiln!

The process of making ceramics has been going on for me very slowly. But, here are some things that were just fired. Mostly I've been working in red clay and experimenting with translating what I do on canvas and panels to clay. But the second photo is of a bowl made of white clay, and the last photo is porcelain. I have one more "ruffle pot" coming out of the kiln that was glazed, where this one was not, so I'm anxious to see the difference. I love working with clay and porcelain because it makes me really be thoughtful and intentional about everything I do, and yet the whole process is very unpredictable! It's a weird dynamic, but it must be good for me on some level because I keep going back for more. And I can't say enough about what a fine teacher Ingrid Bathe is. She has taught me so much, and in a way that allows me my own space and expression. She is participating in the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show at the convention center in Philadelphia next week, so if you are in that area check it out.


Maja Ruznic and In the Make Blog

Maja Ruznik is a west coast artist who has just been featured over at In the Make, here. You may have seen her painting on the cover of New American Paintings a few issues back as well. The thing I want to bring to your attention is the video clip she did for In the Make about her creative process, and her background. The article at In the Make opens with the video. She says something in there about her mother giving her the freedom to make her own images by not telling her they were pretty. I think this is often missed...that by telling a child something is good or pretty we give a kind of criticism that can lessen their freedom to create.  And the more I learn about making art, the more I see that it is about personal freedom.

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