More from the blue pen...

Somebody asked me the other day what I like about these blue pen drawings. I like how each drawing is complete unto itself, and does not have to be worked on a number of levels like my paintings. I like being finished with each one and then having a new, fresh, unknown possibility in front of me. I like how portable they are. They are like intuitive paintings...a practice in the process of letting come whatever comes. I find when I am finished they do have meaning to me.


Sophie's Opening

Sophie Truong had an opening of her current work on Saturday night at The Gallery at Spencer Lofts in Chelsea, MA. This body of work is made with used teabags and hand stitching. It is very subtle and you can feel the quiet and peace that are imbued in the pieces because of the time spent stitching them. Most of the pieces are left natural as the teabags are found, but the blue is an indigo dye Sophie is also working with. You can see more of Sophie's work here.

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