A Break for Stillness

Today I will begin a nine day break for stillness and contemplation. The change of seasons is the time for this in my spiritual practice. Slowing down and minimizing contact with the world is one way of being more present to what is larger than myself. See you soon.


Christopher Bettig

Christopher Bettig via TheMountainLabel
Christopher Bettig via allthemountains.blogspot.com
Christopher Bettig show at Hello Gallery at Candystore Collective
Christopher Bettig design for Vannen Watches
Christopher Bettig for Carhartt Japan and Carhartt Europe
I was looking at Pinterest this morning, and one thing led to another.  I saw a photo of an installation Christopher Bettig did at J.Crew on a Pinterest board created by artist/illustrator Lisa Congdon. I went to his website, The Mountain Label, here, and looked at more of his art and designs. Who knew there was a Carhartt Japan?! I wish I could get one of those T-shirts down at my local Reny's.

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