Jay kelly

This is the work of Californian Jay Kelly. I like the quality of containment he achieves in his work, in both the paintings and the sculpture. Very restrained through much refinement, but at the same time the work is unbounded. See more here, and here.



I feel like I have not been productive this summer, but today I was spending time photographing recent work so I can submit work for a publication and an artist registry and realized that I do keep going in the studio no matter what else is happening. It slows down in the summer because I must spend time in the garden and with family. It's also been so hot here this summer, and that takes my energy. One thing I have done is to get on Saatchi Online to sell some of my work. It seems like a good venue, but like everything else online it is getting more and more crowded too. My portfolio on Saatchi can be seen here. I'll be adding more to it soon.

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