After The Blizzard

The snowstorm dropped about 18 inches on us last night. I went for a walk with Chris and her friends Daisy, Andy, Rudy, and Mingo. They wanted to see what was new. Then they wanted to get home fast. It was cold...and it will be really cold tonight. We say thank you for the electric blanket, which is warming up right now!


Suzanne was here...

Suzanne visited and brought lots of stuff she has been making. Working with felted sweaters she made these little birds...and the big bluebird is my Christmas present. She is also making these pins from parts she found this fall when we went to Liberty Tool. Christmas is not complete without Amaryllis. This one is gorgeous. We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow, so I'll try to get some good photos.


First Real Snow

It's snowing and the meadow is gray and frosted. A warm fire and waffles make a cozy Sunday morning. I've decided that the red tray thing has to be like Haiku...seasonal. I think it's what makes a project like 3191 A Year of Mornings and the new 3191 A Year of Evenings work. The resonance with the photographs comes, at least partly, as a celebration of the present season.


Red Tray

I've been browsing the 3191 A Year of Evenings online and I saw a shot that inspired me to start making little compositions of everyday objects on the same red tray. I think I'll try it for awhile and see what happens. It's a celebration of the ordinary, which is so important to stop and notice. Thank you Maria and Stephanie for the fascinating project.


About the House

This is the way it is around the house today. I love this book on Kiki Smith...she is such a rich and risk-taking artist. I have been working on a few new pieces, and the studio is a mess. Please...have you ever seen such a handsome cat?



This is a nice quiet morning. A chance to reflect. When the sun comes up and hits the nature cabinet, it is so sweet. Maybe I'll have a chance to read or finish this painting which is currently on the easel.


Whew...Another Thanksgiving done!

I hope Thanksgiving is going well for everyone. We are done as you can see from the leftovers in the fridge. We had a fun day cooking and following the New York Times Diner's Journal Live Thanksgiving Blog written by Kim Severson. It felt like being part of a big, funny family....not that our own family isn't big and funny already. Now we will take our bloated bellies and park them in front of the TV to watch movies.


Bare Trees

I love bare tree branches. This time of year the trees show their elegance as they shed their leaves. It's a gray day here but foggy, which makes everything feel intimate and relaxed. I like this kind of day because it lets me off the hook for having to accomplish things. The last two shots are of recent purchases. This book is so funny...all spam quotes this author received on her email. And I just can't bring myself to unwrap these beautifully packaged things from a cool store in Peterboro, New Hampshire called Red Chair.


Everything Everywhere

This week was so varied I feel like I lived at least a month. We planted 400 bulbs in our garden, Nanako is helping me put up an Etsy store (so I visited the whole family including Lula and Loki...Loki has a new pink jacket). I went on a meditation retreat with Suzanne and Sandy. The first picture is Suzanne with Baba. Here is something beautiful I brought back with me from Baba: "Find your happiness in the smiles of others, particularly those you have caused".


What to do?!

We picked the last of the tomatoes before a frost....now what? If anyone has some good recipes for green tomatoes I'd love to get them. If nothing else they are beautiful just sitting on my kitchen table.


Mt. Desert

We went to Mt. Desert for the weekend to hike and eat popovers. The weather was amazing. When we left on Monday morning it was drizzly...which is nice too when the Claremont Hotel has a nice fire going in the lobby. I love this old hotel...it is so low key and old fashioned. We've been going there for a long time, and it always evokes quintessential Maine.



I'm sketching more abstract "cell" drawings and these concentric circles lately. They have a life of their own that I get lost in. The more time I spend in nature the more they come out in my work.

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