May Day Meander

We went on an outing to Chase's Daily in Belfast. We got these portobello and fontina tarts for friends. It was a pretty drive with all the bulbs blooming and signs of people starting their gardens and Spring cleanup projects. It's amazing the difference between winter in Maine and "the season" in Maine.


Abstract Watercolor Drawings

I have a large body of abstract watercolors I did to explore an idea I had about "cells" and how they might grow and form designs. This was partly inspired by the glass flower collection at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, especially the cross sections of plant parts. I went into several colors, these are some from the blue series.



Tried and tried to post some photos of my abstract watercolors for Lisa, but the light is not good. I'll wait for daylight tomorrow to post a set.


Cafe Sketchbook

More from my cafe sketchbook. To capture the ordinary flow of life in this way gives me satisfaction and makes me value each person and each moment more.



I appreciate Old Holland watercolors because of their subtlety. I made this chart so I could keep track of what colors were where in my paint boxes. Pen and ink is always a refuge.

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