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I've just been reading Meighan O'Toole's blog MyLove for You..., and I really think she does an amazing job of informing us about contemporary art. She's been going awhile so there is quite a bit of material to look at. She covers all kinds of artists. Here are a few I looked at today.
Jill Bliss via My Love for You

Esther Pearl Watson via My Love for You
Corey Corcoran via My Love for You



Here is the latest in the Boro-inspired drawings I've been working on. I decided to make this one a bit more organic and so I referred to a sketchbook for ideas, and decided to add these caterpillar shapes. 

Sometimes I wonder how all the work I've done in sketchbooks serves my more resolved work, so this is encouraging to me!



Photographer Jordan Matter has this project called "Dancers Among Us". He describes it: "This is an ongoing project that began in the Spring of 2009 featuring top professional dancers in everyday situations around New York City." You can see his gallery of these photos here. I love dancers. The idea of the discipline it takes to do what they do is encouraging to me when I start feeling like I have too much work to do...snaps me right out of it.
Jordan Matter, Photographer

Jordan Matter, Photographer

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