Cool Hunting

I went searching for an app called "Cool Hunter" and found this video on Ian Hundley talking about his quilts, and this soothing video of Venice Beach posted on The Cool Hunter today. I remember reading a New Yorker article a few years back about this new thing called "coolhunting". Well, judging by all the stuff you get when you google those words that term is pretty well embedded in our culture and language at this point in time. When you check out The Cool Hunter, PLEASE look at the hilarious video on Iceland (posted 2/28/11). Talk about promoting a country!!! And then there is coolhunting.com, here, which brings me full circle to the place where the app came from.



All I want is to be out of doors! Either in the garden or in the meadow. The garden is full of alliums, iris, solomon's seal and peonies about to burst open. The meadow is covered in buttercups and wild iris. Yesterday I watched as a woman came into the meadow and just filled up two gathering baskets with blooms. It was a bold move in a nature preserve but somehow I couldn't blame her too much...they are so gorgeous just now. My dratted camera does not do them justice (maybe the photographer, too). I am in the market for a new one...and I would love advice from any of you who would care to give it. I've done some research and like the Nikons, but have also heard great things about the Leicas and Lumix. Help!


Tamiko Kawata

Tamiko Kawata via Another Shade of Grey
This work by Tamiko Kawata is made of safety pins. Her website is here. I always love art made of everyday objects. She also has some drawings on corrugated cardboard that I admire. Her show at the Muriel Guepin Gallery in Brooklyn is opening on Thursday. You can see what the show is all about here. Also, if you want to see a few more of her works go over here to ARTslant and scroll to her name under the "artists" button. 

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