All I want is to be out of doors! Either in the garden or in the meadow. The garden is full of alliums, iris, solomon's seal and peonies about to burst open. The meadow is covered in buttercups and wild iris. Yesterday I watched as a woman came into the meadow and just filled up two gathering baskets with blooms. It was a bold move in a nature preserve but somehow I couldn't blame her too much...they are so gorgeous just now. My dratted camera does not do them justice (maybe the photographer, too). I am in the market for a new one...and I would love advice from any of you who would care to give it. I've done some research and like the Nikons, but have also heard great things about the Leicas and Lumix. Help!

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Kitty Kilian said...

I don't know too much about cameras. Go for a good lense, I think that is the biggest price differentiater. And if you want to be able to add different types of lenses you want to think about which possibilities your camera offers.

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