I did it.

I've put down the paint brush and the pencils. I've documented and put them in a big folio. All 44 textile designs! Whew. Tomorrow I will mail them out to my agent, and she will take them to the Surtex show in NYC in May. I discovered this time around that I like textile designing much more than I thought I did. The difference with these designs is that I didn't think so much about what anybody else would like. I just focused on what I wanted to say, and the kinds of designs I would like to find in stores. So, who knows whether that strategy will be effective or not, but it sure was more fun. And as I send my babies out into the world to make it on their own, I needed a little reminder that I am ok, and they are ok. Funny how comforting something so small can be.


New Cookbooks

These are two new cookbooks in my ever-expanding library. This time of year I make a big change in my diet toward lighter, fresher foods. In the winter I want comforting, hearty food, but when we start getting longer days my body craves bitter greens and fish and fruit. The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg is a wonderful reference for any creative cook. It is a compendium of knowledge about food flavor and flavor pairings. It allows you to intuitively match food flavors. I just made the most delicious beet salad with roasted hazelnuts and blue cheese. I just used the food pairing ideas from the book rather than a recipe. Brilliant! Harvest to Heat  by Darryl Estrine and Kelly Kochendorfer, focuses on how chefs are working with their local farmers and food artisans to create innovative, high quality dishes. The forward is by Alice Waters, the foremother of this restaurant concept. I also looked at this very eye-opening talk by Jamie Oliver about why we need to teach kids how to eat and cook. It was Leslie, of  A Creative Mint who led me to this TED talk. Look at her blog here.

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