Freddy Lafage

If you live in Maine you ought to come and see this show! Even if you don't live in Maine you should come and see this show, but let's be realistic. This is the work of Freddy Lafage, a Maine artist, and the show is at the Perimeter Gallery in Belfast, which is also Chase's Daily...my favorite restaurant. You have until February 26th to see this work. I can't find a website for him, but he does show regularly here as I think he is part of the family who own Chase's. 


13 Threads

These are clothes designed and made by 13 Threads (blog here). The designer is a woman in Edinburgh, Scotland, and she sells through her Etsy shop here. Try as I might I can't find her name! I like the way the clothes are modeled by a normal-sized woman, and actually celebrate a womanly shape. Kind of refreshing isn't it? I'm already thinking about clothes for Spring...linen is what I crave.

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