Daily Drawing

This is a large drawing done the other day as part of the drawing project. It's on heavy arches watercolor paper, but it's mixed media. I was working on some textile designs as well as the big WIP I've shown in previous posts...all at the same time. I like to work that way because it takes the pressure off being too precious on any one thing. I found this daily drawing project by artist Tina Berning. Take a look at it here.


Boxcar Graffiti

These boxcars are sitting in a train yard in a Bucksport, Maine. I wonder where they've been? I like all kinds of graffiti and street art. Sometimes it gets a bit repetitive to me, but I guess I have not seen enough to understand the breadth of this art form. Check out this Flickr group for street art in Seattle. I would love to see what can really be done. Think of the possibilities!

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