Inspiration from Jane Hirshfield via 101 Cookbooks Blog

Thanks to Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks for this blog post a few weeks back, from which this was lifted. 


Dark Rye/The Sullivans

My adorable husband John found this fantastic site…Dark Rye. It's an online magazine put out by Whole Foods to explore what makes a healthy, sustainable life. This video about the Sullivans is so dear and wonderful. Suzanne Sullivan is a ceramicist, and Robert Sullivan is a writer. 


Auntie Oti

Textiles from Auntie Oti. All from India, and I would happily take any.


Sri Threads Exhibition of Ema

Sri Threads, the Brooklyn gallery which is known for Japanese and Indian textiles, is exhibiting a collection of Ema at Douglas Hyde Gallery (here) in Dublin. Ema are plaques that people made as a ritual gift at Shinto shrines to represent a prayer or request. I like the simple materials used in creating these works, and the directness of the subject matter. I wonder who collected the plaques from the shrines when they were meant as a gift to a Divine being?


Small Drawings

You thought I was gone forever I bet. But no, here I am again showing you what I've been working on. Small drawings for upcoming open studios at the Boston Center for The Arts on September 21 and 22. I will be in my friend Suzanne Merritt's studio on the 4th floor. 


Tiger in a Jar films

For a special treat go here, to Tiger in a Jar films. If you care about food, and where it is coming from and the life of the people behind well-made food, you will love these filmmakers. I discovered them through Instagram, through The Hill Workshops, where you can see a most beautiful film on making pesto by Tiger in a Jar.


Benjamin Allains Indiegogo Campaign

I did not know about Indiegogo, a crowdfunding program like Kickstarter, until the other day. So my husband and I started looking at what people want money for, and found this young artist who is doing a campaign to get some help to do a first run of archival prints of his drawings. His campaign is over today at midnight, so we were just in time to participate. Take a look at this video he made about his process. I love his passion!


I was Guest Blogger on Etsy Today!

Check it out here! I was lucky enough to be asked to be a guest blogger on the Etsy Blog. My post on curating an art wall went up today. It was lots of fun to do, and the folks over there are very professional and sweet. There is plenty of wonderful art on Etsy, so if you don't frequent that space, give it a look.


Summer Album

Nothing more to say! It's been a busy summer with lots of cherished family and friends visiting, plenty of good food, not enough art-making, not enough gardening...the weeds have won.


Keiko Koana

This is the work of Keiko Koana, a Japanese artist, website here. What I love is the subtle washes. They are watercolor and acrylic. I've been working lately with acrylic ink washes, so I appreciate the control this artist has over her medium. I can't find anything she has done lately. These are all from a few years back. 


Ruan Hoffmann

I've been a follower of Ruan Hoffmann's work ever since I first saw it on Pinterest. The way he uses the clay as a painting and drawing surface is masterful. I especially like the thin and casual form  he achieves with his ceramics. He puts some political, etc. messages on the works also. See more here.

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