Small Drawings

You thought I was gone forever I bet. But no, here I am again showing you what I've been working on. Small drawings for upcoming open studios at the Boston Center for The Arts on September 21 and 22. I will be in my friend Suzanne Merritt's studio on the 4th floor. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Lari,
Big fan of your blog and art work.
Just wondering how you hang/display and frame these works?
I ask, because I've recently been drawn to making mixed media works on paper and am struggling with how they should be framed as the paper won't sit flat once it has paint on the surface. I've seen other works framed with buckled paper and I think it looks terrible.
What are your thoughts?

Linda Arandas said...

great mini works of art :)

barbarabeesblog said...

Hello again! I like your small drawings, there is something free flowing about it what I really like.

Lari Washburn said...

Thanks friends! Anon...I would float these works in a frame. No mat needed!

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