This is what I've been working on lately. More small poured acrylics to show as a group, a large poured acrylic with ink rubbing, and some drawings and paintings. I'm exploring using Pelican fountain pen ink, which I find very versatile. I like to add the ink, let it dry a bit, then wash the paper and add more ink. The layers are interesting to me, so I'll keep going with this process. And pink always seems to find a way into my work no matter what I have in mind. The second painting down is already in my Etsy shop, here, and I will add the Chemex drawing and the last two drawings in the next couple of days. I'd like to add the larger painting to the shop, but just don't know if I could make the expense of shipping work for everybody.



I wish I had the courage to do this to a wall in my house. I've always wanted to do a mural or some kind of interesting paint effect, but then I think if how I might choke and not be able to pull it off with verve. And I'm sure this would not work if you had the slightest doubt. Has anyone out there done a mural in their home? I'd love to know your strategy. I don't know where this image came from, so sorry about no attribution. The photo is via Nicole Hill Gerulat's blog A Little Sussy, here.


Spring Fantasy Wardrobe

It would be nice.

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