I have been working on some larger paintings and drawings lately. I've been a bit distracted because we are working on some house projects and gardening season just kicked off with shoveling 5 yards of compost onto the beds this week. I'm sure this is what everyone deals with...balance. I love my home and garden almost as much as making art, so there is a constant weighing going on in this corner of Maine. I'm pretty sure it's no different where you are.



This is a book that nourishes me. If you've never read it, it's about how we can learn to control our consciousness to be happier. The interesting thing about the flow state is that we are happy when we are deeply engaged in something that completely takes our attention so we can't think about or worry about anything else! That  activity has to be challenging enough to keep us engaged, but not so challenging that we give up. That's my interpretation at the moment anyway. You can listen to Csikszentmihalyi on this TED talk.

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