Cecil Touchon

Just enjoy these beautiful collages by Cecil Touchon, and go here if you want more.


In the Studio

I'm still exploring pattern and splashy dots. I think I'm in one of those places where something new is trying to come together. But, boy do I have what my mother used to call "cabin fever"! I just can't get comfortable with anything. I think all time spent working is useful, but sometimes it just doesn't feel that way. I've got three large paintings that are just sitting in my studio waiting for me to figure out what to do next. Onward.


Tamar Branitzky

Tamar Branitzky is a textile designer in Tel-Aviv. Her process is to employ printing, hand painting, embroidery, sewing, burning and collage all in the same piece. She says she likes to see the different ways these layered processes evolve in the work. Take a look at her website here.

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