Last week I took some drawings to a gallery and got some feedback. It was helpful. It was painful. It was that he could not see what I cared deeply about in the drawings I showed him. So I started thinking about what I care deeply about, and realized that I love exploring surface quality. So this week I just explored the shit out of surface quality. And here is some of what I did. It made me think about why I make art. I make art to understand something that can't be understood. I make art to do something when nothing can be done. I make art to feel something enough to heal it. I make art to make something from nothing. I make art to give something when I have nothing to give. I make art to be in this moment more fully. I make art to express the joy of living in this one moment with no idea what will happen next or what any of it means. I make art to find out what I think. I make art to make something of beauty that I hope someone else will be enriched by just a little bit. I make art to share God knows what with the world. And there are lots of other reasons I make art that I am too ashamed to admit. Anyway, I keep on making art, and I guess that's good. 


Poppy Play

June is so full of beautiful flowers. I want to capture them, but I just can't seem to make my camera work properly lately. So frustrating. It may be time for a new camera. But in the meantime I get to play with photos to make them a bit more interesting, if not  the way I'd really like them. 

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