These are some of my collages for the Enormous Tiny Art show at the Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which opens September 4th. I love working with collage and paint together. I usually include old photographs or use vintage postcards as a starting point for small collages like these, but this time I started with putting color on 8x8 stretched canvas. Then I added drawing. I'm doing more abstract drawing lately, but I usually end up making even that into something figural. I am always tryilng to convey gesture.


Beauty Shared

Suzanne has been visiting, so we went to the beach on Saturday. It was threatening to storm all day so we kept putting off our visit until later in the afternoon. When we finally got there it was an exciting rough surf and heavy fog. Then we found this little creature stranded on the beach. We took her/him to the ranger who was going to reintroduce her/him into a safer place on the beach. Send best wishes so he/she will make it! In the middle there is some yummy bruscetta we had one night.

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