Summer is Speeding Along

I thought I would get back to posting more about my time at Haystack, but I kept putting it off because I couldn't put that experience into words. Something happened there that is still evolving. Drawing on my ceramics showed me how deeply drawing is leading me to something new in my work. It's true what they say about going to Haystack...it ruins you for real life! I feel this hunger to draw and paint all the time......which is not my real life. But I am trying to balance things so that I stay connected to making art. Deb and Nanako opened a studio at their home in Arrowsic...Studio Pig and Fish. Deb's furniture and Nanako's jewelry and collages are currently for sale. A website is coming. And....we just ate dinner in the beautiful garden, including tomatoes from a vine Deb grew for us over the winter. Yum.

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