Bare Trees

I love bare tree branches. This time of year the trees show their elegance as they shed their leaves. It's a gray day here but foggy, which makes everything feel intimate and relaxed. I like this kind of day because it lets me off the hook for having to accomplish things. The last two shots are of recent purchases. This book is so funny...all spam quotes this author received on her email. And I just can't bring myself to unwrap these beautifully packaged things from a cool store in Peterboro, New Hampshire called Red Chair.


Everything Everywhere

This week was so varied I feel like I lived at least a month. We planted 400 bulbs in our garden, Nanako is helping me put up an Etsy store (so I visited the whole family including Lula and Loki...Loki has a new pink jacket). I went on a meditation retreat with Suzanne and Sandy. The first picture is Suzanne with Baba. Here is something beautiful I brought back with me from Baba: "Find your happiness in the smiles of others, particularly those you have caused".

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