Street Art

via boingboing attribution to Sandrine Estade Boulet for photo

Yarn Bombing/Guerrilla Crochet

Mori Para Poder Vivir, Simeon Cummings, Isabel Paula Sanchez Garcia, Albert Mosoll Vives

see Street Art Utopia for more information

see Street Art Utopia for more information

see Street Art Utopia for more information
Lest we forget what art is all about, Street Art Utopia, here, posted a gallery of the "106 most beloved street art photos - Year 2011".


Kirsten Hassenfeld

Sometimes I forage on Pinterest. Kirsten Hassenfeld is who I discovered this morning. I think these installations are paper. Her website is here.  These photos are from the artist's website, or from The Bellwether Gallery, here.


Sarah Sze, Still Life With Landscape. The High Line, New York

I remember the first time I saw a Sarah Sze installation at the MFA in Boston. I really responded to the detail and the intricacy of the work. I realize now that it is because of how she views her work as a kind of drawing. She has a show at the Asia Society in NYC right now, that is up until the 25th of March. Go to their site to see an interview about the work, here. And isn't the High Line Park an amazing scene for her work? What they have done with that project is the essence of re-use, imagination, ingenuity. Take a look at all they do here.


Nora Rochel

Just in case you don't know this artist!! I didn't until I received The New Artisans, by Olivier Dupon for Christmas. Nora Rochel is a German artist, working mostly in jewelry design, but she is also a ceramicist, illustrator and painter. Her website is here. Who would like to sign up to see if we can get a group discount on some of this fabulous stuff? Ha ha. All the above images came from Nora's website with the exception of the last, which came from Rockin' That Bling, here.

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