Jason Fitzgerald

I picked up a copy of Vogue Living Australia when I was in the big city a few days back, and discovered Jason Fitzgerald. He's an artist from Brisbane, who started making sculpture from the scrap he picked up off the factory floor where he works as a cabinetmaker and professional French polisher. It's the patterns I respond too. They look like wonderfully constructed drawings to me. And I admire his color sense. He is represented by Jan Murphy Gallery, where you can see more here. I apologize about the pixilation of these photos, but It's all I could find.


Ingrid Ellison

Ingrid Ellison is a painter living almost next door to me in mid-coast Maine! She commented on my last post, and so I went over to her blog here, and learned a little about her. You can see more of her work on her website. She was featured in Artscope magazine in July/August 2010. She also just did a post about In the Make which is a fabulous blog on artists, including studio visits and interviews. Ingrid did a great post from Painters Bread of a film of painter Squeak Carnath. Very interesting to hear about her process. 

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