Paola and Lyle

Lyle Carbajal

Paola Gaviria Silguero

I love the intuitive nature of the work of both these artists. Paola Gaviria Silguero (from Argentina) is also known as PowerPaola, and you can see lots of her work on her Flickr stream, here. Lyle Carbajal is American and you can go to his website here.


Kumi Obata

Yes, I've been away. But only away from my computer. I wish I had been somewhere fun gathering beautiful photographs or making art, but instead I've been cleaning my attic for the last 6 days. Oh my goodness. I never thought I had that much stuff. And it's been a resolution to get this job done since January of 2011. Impending guests got me motivated. You see I really do have to offer more than that scruffy (sort of) finished attic room to the unlucky guest who draws the short straw. So I pitched in and got rid of things, organized things and cleaned things. Now please understand that my house in OLD. I was probably cleaning up 200 year old dust. My husband is now calling me "the attic rat" because of my intrepid exploits crawling into corners where no woman should go. I even found 4 rolls of wallpaper wrapped in a newspaper from 1907! But it is done! And done well. And now I can offer a very nice, fresh room to that second guest. Yay! 

The above work is by Kumi Obata, a Japanese illustrator. These are etchings, and I love their simplicity and graphic beauty. If you would like to see more of her work, go over here.

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