Moroccan Carpets

Yesterday a friend introduced me to Breuckelen Berber, a source for these remarkable vintage Moroccan carpets. Each one is like a painting. I would take any or all.


Carlo Zinelli

Just in case you don't know Carlo Zinelli, and just in case you thought I've abandoned this blog, here is a post. Carlo Zinelli was an Italian self-taught outsider artist. He was born in 1916 and died in 1974, having spent much of his life in institutions diagnosed as schizophrenic. I like what Dubuffet said about outsider artists: " Isolated from society they create their own feasts." Dubuffet also said he collected art brut and founded the Compagnie de'Art Brut because he "wanted to discover art that addresses itself to the spirit, not to our eyes." And as to my absence from this blog...there is just too much gardening to do! I'm sorry, but it will not wait. It may be slim now and then, but I will continue to blog.

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