Lidewij Edelkoort - Trend Union 2012

I love this woman! When you really look around and investigate what she says it is just fascinating. In another life I would love to do this kind of work. I've always been very sensitive to whatever is happening around me. I especially like how she expresses herself in this very down to Earth way.


Summer To Do List

This time of year a desire to quench my thirst for life gets heightened to a fever pitch. I love summer and all summer things. Life is so seductive, beckoning me to savor everything that is ephemeral. I whip myself into a state of exhaustion by the first of August! I love to go to flea markets and farmer's markets, and to the beach in the fog. I go to see art with other artists. We BBQ, and garden, and spend time with visiting family and friends. I love to bake bread and blueberry pies. We eat corn on the cob at every opportunity. I read things I usually don't read. I investigate topics I don't know anything about. I like to loosen up and play around in the studio. I have to admit that this last item has been eluding me lately. Too busy with all that other stuff. And at the same time that all this wonderful stuff is going on, I also feel that I'm not enjoying it all enough! Perhaps a little more mindfulness in all this activity? 


Peter Voshefski

I saw a show of Peter Voshevski's work at the Perimeter Gallery at Chase's in Belfast, Maine this weekend. The top four images are from that show, and the bottom three images were obtained from the internet. What I really liked about the work is the delicacy and obsessiveness, and the supports he uses for the small paintings. He is using a thin plywood in many cases, which has been meticulously sanded and rubbed with paint to create this well-crafted surface. I love the way he just sinks in there and paints dots to his hearts content. You can see more about this artist, living and teaching in New Mexico, here. I wish the Perimeter Gallery had a website, but they do not.

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