The Light is Gorgeous Today

The sun is coming in the east side of the house this morning in a way that truly announces spring. We have snowdrops and crocus in the garden (as well as a big pile of leftover snow). We are hurrying to finish our indoor projects from this winter so we will be able to focus on planting the 100 Dahlia bulbs we just ordered. Go to this website for some gardening inspiration.



I'm celebrating the first day of Spring by thinking about new life. Eggs symbolize that to me. I've been collecting these egg cartons all winter so I can give them to the farm for recycling. This is a vase I love for it's egg shape. It makes every flower look dramatic. When I see a single flower I look more closely. Check out The Speckled Egg here.


City Fix

Went to Boston just for the day on Sunday. I always have to head straight to Anthropologies to check out the way they have the store styled. These paper fans are a great idea. Also went to a mall restaurant that has a very calm and simple vibe that is a good antidote to the crazy mall thing. I am told that the name Wagamama means something like bratty child! Then we went to Meyers and Chang for dinner and I liked these paper lanterns. I guess for better or worse our trips to Boston revolve around shopping and eating. Speaking of Asian, check out this beautiful blog.

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