Working on Ceramics

I've been working with ceramicist Ingrid Bathe for a few months now on learning more about ceramics, and I will eventually learn how to work in porcelain, which is Ingrid's specialty. The lighting is not great on these since they were taken under studio florescent. I've spent quite a bit of time experimenting on how my drip and squeeze techniques translate to clay. And on how underglazes and glazes work. So you see some glaze samples at the top, then some glazed work and some fired work that has not been glazed. The bottom two shots show underglaze on fired pieces. I have long loved ceramics, but now I'm devoting real time to it and beginning to "get it". The process is soooooooooo slowed down compared to painting and drawing. There is such a lag time between doing something and seeing the result. I think that's a good thing to experience for me!

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