In the Studio

Here's what I've been working on lately. That top painting I just finished and shipped off yesterday. The Chemex drawings were just added to my Etsy shop, over here. The plates are the most recent things out of the kiln. I have 2 large pots that are waiting for me to decide on glazes. My teacher, Ingrid Bathe, has been teaching me how to make glaze test tiles for standing vessels. So maybe before too long I will have the finished pots to show you. I've been enjoying using the plates for serving dinners. Just as Ingrid said, I like the work better after using it. I've also been keeping up with the daily sketchbook. I feel lots of energy and inspiration because it is the beginning of a new year. I hope your beginning is going well too!


Christoph Finkel

Christoph Finkel is a German artist working in wood he finds in his neighborhood...the Alps! He has a unique way of seeing wood, focusing on the character of each different wood. See much more on his website, here, and watch this video to hear him talking about his process. You can smell the fragrance of the wood as he talks.


Craig Atkinson

I could look at Craig Atkinson's sketchbooks all day long. The access he has to the intuitive is impressive. I love the freshness and humor. And the sheer volume of his work! He is a British artist and publisher. You can see more here, and here. I wish I could channel his obvious discipline!

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