Here are three different "enhancements" of a sculpture I saw today at the Coleman Burke Gallery. This is called Patch Ridge Mound "a three-part exhibition in which sculptor John Bisbee is rearranging a common set of elements into three different sculptures over a three month period". This is the Ridge sculpture. Three color enhancements is my response to his work.


Seeing Art in the Everyday (7)

Graffiti is everyday art. I enjoyed seeing Camilla Engman's form of graffiti. Look at her post for January 14 of this year.


Seeing Art in the Everyday (6)

The first photo is a work by Sophie Truong. The title is "Girlie is trying to decide whether to use her cuteness for good or evil". The second shot is of a hat she made. You can check out more of her art and altered clothes here. Last summer she went to Haystack. Last photo is Sophie with a new friend. She sent me this link and says it inspires her to slow down. Slowing down is living more fully, which is art.


Seeing Art in the Everyday (5)

Color and pattern. Color and pattern. Color, color, color. Try to be grateful for color every day.


Seeing Art in the Everyday (4)

Another thing Naum Gabo said is that art is the translation of experience. If I really see and experience something I can bring it into the art I make, as well as letting it feed me in the moment. Walking in nature is spiritual food for me. Also seeing someone's personal expression of themselves, like this door, is art.


Seeing Art in the Everyday (3)

Sometimes the art is found in this cheeky monkey, a Siamese I inherited from my mother. She never fails to draw an exclamation with those eyes, but she really could care less. Her name is Yummy. Other times I find the art in looking at objects that have memories attached, like this scarf. Mostly I find the art in simple things.


Seeing Art in the Everyday (2)

So much artfulness and beauty is in light. How it falls, the quality of of it, the shadows it casts. Light gives me happiness in the present moment.

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