Upon A Fold

Peter Gentenaar

Mia Pearlman

Daniele Papuli

Helene Tschacher

Valerie Beuss
If you love paper and the art people make with it, go here, to Upon A Fold, and just revel in the endless power of the creative mind.


Hernan Paganini

Here is the work of Argentinian artist and graphic designer Hernan Paganini. You can see more at his website here. He has done many projects that look very interesting, like the Skin Project, which involved kindergartners developing a shared visual narrative,  as well as his commercial and personal work. His Flickr stream is here. There is just something about the way he uses color.


Kristine Fornes

I came across this artist, Kristine Fornes,  on my jaunt into Tumblr and Pinterest this weekend. I can't remember where. The work is hard to see here, so you must go to her website here, to really see the detail of the embroidery. I can't even figure out where she is from, but it is a Scandinavian country! Sweden? If anyone can enlighten me on this artist I would appreciate it. I think the way she is combining embroidery with what appears to be transfers of photos is just brilliant. On her site there is a catalog you can download that looks fascinating. 

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