Nui Project

The Nui Project is a body of fiber work, mostly embroidery, done by a group of textile artists in Kagoshima, Japan. The artists have intellectual disabilities. For this project the artists have used ready-made shirts and have embroidered them, and then offered them for sale. There is a great article here, in HandEye magazine. There is a book published as well, which I believe is in two volumes. I got the following images from a blog post, here, at Day In and Day Out blog.

Cover textile by Atsushi Yoshimoto

Mikio Hamada

Naoki Fujimura and Aki Nozawa



Are we all drooling over this leatherwork? It's been going around a little bit on Pinterest. It is the work of Nutsa Modebadze, a Russian artist. Her work is not yet available in this country apparently. Take a look at her website here. That tall brown leather bag would suit me just fine.

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