The Garden Right Now

This is how the garden looks today. Now that we have had some warm, sunny days we have good bloom. The Calla Lilies are bursting out like crazy. The Dahlias are being chewed on by something, but their color is striking. We have let color sneak into our all white garden, and it's a good move. We have had one nestbox full of Chickadees fledge this summer, and had numerous Hummingbirds. A little chipper lives in the rock wall, and a pair of squirrels entertain us each morning as they chase each other up and down the tree trunks. Cute!


Summer in the Garden

The garden is really beautiful right now, but I'm having trouble with my camera so I can't get good enough shots of it. It was a cloudy morning too. We had corn on the cob last night. I wish I could say this peach was as good as it looks here! The flowers are what is growing in the garden right now. I just want to relish everything right now because it is so gorgeous.


High Season

We are lucky enough to live right next to the beautiful Sheepscot River. Here are some evening shots from the lobster dock on the river, and from a gorgeous beach day we had with Laura and Seth. This is high season in Maine. In a few weeks it will be quiet again...but it seems that everyone wants to be here in August. I can't blame them.


Many Moods of Queen Anne

Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favorite summer things. Here are some shots from a walk we took in the meadow last evening before dinner. I've been so busy with guests and gardening I have not had time to blog or Flickr for a few weeks. But now I'm back, and I will post some Maine summer shots for the next few days.

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