Child's Own Studios

What a great idea. Child's Own Studios is a business that makes custom toys based on children's drawings. Go over here to see many more examples and to read a little about the Vancouver- based operation. There is a Flickr studio stream here also.



Remember this magazine? I LOVED it.

Go over here to see how to make a dress out of a coverall!
This time of year my thoughts turn to denim. There is so much out there, and always a new take on this timeless fabric, and dare I say - way of life. These images were mostly grabbed off  Pinterest, or from Martha Stewart Living or J. Crew. Yes I should do better with attribution. I promise I will. But in the meantime take a look at the Denim Therapy blog, here, if you have a minute. 


Sonya Philip

Sonya Philip is a fiber artist based in San Francisco. I have followed her work in various places over the last couple of years. Here is what she is doing right now. It's a project called 100 Acts of Sewing, and it is all about empowering us to sew for ourselves. I love this idea on so many levels, especially that we can learn to buy less and make more. Yay! You can look at all the pretty dresses in the gorgeous Tumblr format here. Sonya's website is here.

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