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Wary Meyers Installation
Wary Meyers Installation
Wary Meyers, a design firm in Portland, Maine did this installation for the old Baxter Library building in Portland. It's called "The Basement Stacks". The library was saved and renovated by the Via Ad Agency, who now have offices there. It's really beautiful what they did to the interior, and how they furnished it. You can look at some other photos here. Sometimes I feel like my books might just do this too! I really must curb that appetite.


More Sketchbooks

Carol E. McMahon via Artists' Sketchbooks Online

I found a wonderful resource for looking at sketchbooks from every era and style. Artists' Sketchbooks Online can be found here. The photo above is of a book by Carol McMahon. I like the way she uses paper and subtle, refined color in her collages. 


Rob Dunlavey

I just found this artist/illustrator, and was impressed by his sketchbooks and morning routine for creating them. He gets up early each morning and does two or three paintings before everyone else in the house wakes up. I know from experience how good a commitment like this is for development. Even when I don't think anything is working in my art I know I'm keeping something alive by drawing every day. Take a look at these sketchbooks at BookByItsCover. He has a blog, and shares with us via Flickr.

Rob Dunlavey via Book By It's Cover

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