Moleskine Love

Is there anything better than a Moleskine for drawing every day? I love the feel of the paper in the Sketchbooks. And there are lots of artist's Moleskine sketchbooks to see on YouTube. Check this one out. This is one of my favorites, and then here is the incomparable Maria Kalman. It will make you run right out to the art supply store.


Seraphine de Senlis

This wonderful artist, Seraphine Louis, known as Seraphine de Senlis is worth knowing about. This movie about her is very good. It stars Yolande Moreau, and was made recently. I relate very much to the intuitive source of her work. She had a hard life, and sad end, but when you look at the paintings you realize that she was also filled with joy and must have had a rich and beautiful life too. The way we see what is wealth or happiness or well-being is sometimes very limited. I think her life is an example of one lived on inner wealth. I find that very inspiring. And if you want more, go here.


Artists to Know

These are artists I've become familiar with through Flickr. They are: Olivia Jeffries, here (top left), Paola Gaviria Silguero here  (top right and bottom left) and Akinao Saito here (bottom right). What I am attracted to in each one is the abandoned way they draw. It seems that they are only listening to something they hear, not a trend or a style that comes from without.


Karen MacDonald at Chase's Daily

Karen MacDonald's work is up at Chase's Daily in Belfast, Maine until November 28th. The work covers the long wall and goes up to the ceiling. It includes hundreds of cardboard constructions which layer an amazing variety of shapes and sizes to create this wonderful in-depth exploration of a medium. There are also some framed works that are gorgeous. Check it out if you can. I could not find a website or blog for Karen, so if anyone knows of one please leave me a comment.

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