Angelina Gualdoni

These abstracts by Angelina Gualdoni just blow me away. See more here. She is American, living in Brooklyn. The softness and the color-sense are what I like the most. If you look at all her work on the website you will see some quite different representational work as well.


Dana Barnes

Textile artist Dana Barnes seems to be able to do anything with fiber. I love the old-fashioned braided rug updated to something extraordinary. The colors are what get me too. Rich and deep, and the soft neutrals. And her studio looks pretty amazing. Her website is here, and you can go over here to see a blog post where I found many of these photos. 


Susie MacMurray

I had never seen this installation, called echo,  by Susie MacMurray, a British artist. It was done in 2006 at York St. Mary's Cathedral, and is compose of 10,000 hairnets containing used violin bowstrings. All kinds of symbolism here. Check out the show catalogue here. You can also see more of this artist's drawings and other work at her website, here. Just to tempt you, here are a few more images of her work.

 And some closeups of the echo project.

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