Chris Ofili theEYE The Upper Room 2002

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili
British artist Chris Ofili speaks so beautifully and humbly doesn't he? I love his access to the intuitive. I strive for something pure and direct in my art. Direct from what? From some place that is not verbal, not cerebral. The art I feel enhanced by always comes from this place. I can feel it in the art I make, and in the art I see other artists make. Some kind of sense takes over and directs, and communicates the wholeness of being in this world...the way we are all connected by our experience of living. The older I get the more my most ardent resolution is to live life fully in whatever I undertake to do. Images via google and Artnet.


In the Studio

I've been in the studio! I'm working on some drawings and poured acrylic pieces. This year I am making at least one work a day as I did in 2010. I find that it keeps me engaged in my process more than any other routine. I always work much more than I think I will once I get started. I wonder why I find it so difficult to get started sometimes?


Happy New Year!

Inside The New Artisans

Inside The New Artisans

Inside Hand Made Home

Happy New Year! I promised I would give you a peek at my Christmas book stack, and here it is.  I've been loving these books, and reading them in between traveling to be with beloved family and spending time at home with dear friends. Today we swept away the Christmas tree and put things back in order. I love the holidays and I love to start fresh in January with my resolutions and my plans. Everything seems possible at the beginning of something. 

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