A Break for Contemplation

In the spiritual practice that I follow it is suggested that we take a nine day period at the change of the seasons to spend in a quiet, more reflective mode. So I will not be posting or adding to my Flickr stream for the next nine days. I'll be back after a refreshing break! Be well.


The Sketchbook Project Show in Portland, Maine

Kathryn Clark's Sketchbook
Kathryn Clark's Sketchbook
Remember back in January when I made a sketchbook  for The Sketchbook Project sponsored by The Brooklyn Art Library and Art House Co-op? ( look over here for more about them) Yesterday we went to the first show of the tour of the more than 10,000 sketchbooks! It was held at Space Gallery in Portland. The place was packed with people excitedly looking at sketchbooks. I think most people first found sketchbooks of artists they know, as I did. I got to hold and examine my friend Kathryn Clark's beautifully executed sketchbook (take a look at her blog here). It was when I was actually holding it and looking at it that I understood her theme for the first time. She did a powerful depiction of the impact of foreclosures in cities in this country. The show was organized by theme, so you could ask to look at two books at a time within one theme. It was very well run given the complexity of the show. It was also a bit frustrating because there were all those stacks of sketchbooks and not enough time to see them all. It was impossible to document or photograph the sketchbooks properly, so I just did the best I could to show you a little bit of what it was all about.

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