Sketchbook Project Pages

Seems like quite a few people are hurrying to get this (Sketchbook Project) done by the January 15th deadline. I have many more pages to go, but I will get there in time. I would love to see other sketchbooks in progress. Go over to art house co-op and see about the pockets project. Maybe you might want to take the empty pockets pledge.


Feeling a little frazzled?

Holiday prep getting you down? Maybe you need a nap! Go over to this NYT illustrated article by Maira Kalman to get a quick infusion of humor and inspiration. Her newest book  And the Pursuit of Happiness looks great. Too late for the Christmas list, but I could always give myself a nice New Years gift.


Almost the Winter Solstice

I'm going to celebrate the winter solstice tomorrow night with a group of friends. We will talk about the special full moon, which also has an eclipse, which has not lined up in this way since 1500 and something, I am told! I celebrate with thinking about the return of light that is beginning now, and flowers, and gardening. Do you remember Margaret Roach, who wrote the beautiful A Way to Garden? She has this great gardening blog. I have always loved her writing. And that same voice comes through on her blog. I always force some amaryllis this time of year. They just bring such a festive air to the house...until February for heaven's sake!

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