"F" is for Friday...and Fun Weekend Breakfasts!

Jennifer Causey's photo on her blog Simply Breakfast
Jennifer Causey's photo on her blog Simply Breakfast
Jennifer Causey's photo on her blog Simply Breakfast
One of the best parts of the weekend is getting to have breakfasts that are a bit more fun and imaginative than the weekday ones. We alternate between blueberry-banana smoothies and oatmeal most mornings this time of year. But Jennifer Causey, photographer, has much more varied breakfasts it seems. All documented over here on her blog Simply Breakfast. If you have not seen her fantastic project, The Makers, which documents all manner of artists and artisans in Brooklyn, NY. Take a look  here. Happy weekend breakfasting!



I've been working on a new idea...doing rubbings from my paintings that have raised elements in them. Here is one example, and a detail shot of the same piece. It's a very interesting way to keep exploring the possibilities of a painting. I almost like the rubbings better than the paintings. The paintings are actually becoming printing plates. This is why I make art. I love to be always exploring. It's the place where I stay interested and engaged in my work. I think that must be the essence of all creating. That frontier where you have skill, but don't know what to expect next. That's what makes it so engrossing that time vanishes, and I am cleansed by the experience in some way.


The Fabulous Lucienne Day

Lucienne Day "Strata" 1952
Lucienne Day "Small Hours" 1953
Lucienne Day "Forest" 1959
Lucienne Day on Converse footwear
Lucienne day "Perpetua" 1953
Thankfully, everyone today knows the work of Lucienne Day. And I know lots has been written and blogged about her in the past few years, but I have to add my voice of appreciation for her work to the chorus! I needed a little encouragement today, as I am starting a big push to complete a bunch of textile designs for a deadline. I took a look at this book, "V&A Pattern The Fifties" published by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which was a Christmas present. Here are some photos I took of images in the book...in not very good light, because it is dull and rainy and grey here today. But I thought you'd enjoy them anyway. If you want to see more just google away, but here is a good link.

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