The Fabulous Lucienne Day

Lucienne Day "Strata" 1952
Lucienne Day "Small Hours" 1953
Lucienne Day "Forest" 1959
Lucienne Day on Converse footwear
Lucienne day "Perpetua" 1953
Thankfully, everyone today knows the work of Lucienne Day. And I know lots has been written and blogged about her in the past few years, but I have to add my voice of appreciation for her work to the chorus! I needed a little encouragement today, as I am starting a big push to complete a bunch of textile designs for a deadline. I took a look at this book, "V&A Pattern The Fifties" published by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which was a Christmas present. Here are some photos I took of images in the book...in not very good light, because it is dull and rainy and grey here today. But I thought you'd enjoy them anyway. If you want to see more just google away, but here is a good link.


Katja said...

Beautiful patterns - I really love the colors too, especially the Perpetua.

Traveling Mama said...

I love these! Weren't the 1950's great? I wish we could time travel!

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