"F" is for Friday...and a Fresh Look

Mina Perhonen via mini/s blog
Mina Perhonen via mini/s blog
Mina Perhonen via mini/s blog
Mina Perhonen design via mini/s blog
Mina Perhonin is one of my favorite labels. Akira Minagawa is the owner and designer of this label. His work, especially his textile design is meaningful to me mostly because of the risks he takes...making him truly original, not "trendy". Design Sponge (from where I got some of my info here - thanks!) did a nice post on him here in '09. I do some textile designing, and have often found myself not attracted to what is "on trend" in the surface design world right now. So much of what is popular is what I think of as illustration. Lots of emphasis on representational themes and what the biz calls "conversationals". I admire illustrators very much and value what they do, but for textiles I want something more lyrical that allows people to blend them into their home with subtlety. I want my designs to feel like something natural and simple. When I first saw Mina Perhonen designs I was catapulted into a new space in my thinking. That's a very valuable experience to me. There is a blog, mini/s, you can look at too. Mostly in Japanese, but fun to look at. The Mina Perhonen website is here.


Kitty Kilian said...

Yes, it's a lovely brand. We can't buy it over here.. our wonderful Textile museum did a show on it: http://www.senzbyminaperhonen.com/nl/the-textile-museum-tilburg-presents-the-work-of-mina-perhonen and you can see much more on thsi website.. so yummie..

Lari Washburn said...

thanks kitty! that will be fun to look at.

Angela Steyn said...

Hi Lari,

Thanks so much for popping over to my blog and saying hi... do you know, probably my most favourite thing about blogging is that I stumble across talented people like you! Wow, you have a great blog and I just love your work... the shoots and roots work is really beautiful.

I hope you are enjoying the course... I'm loving it but finding it tough to fit it all in! I would give anything for even 2 more hours in every day!

Now that I'm a follower, I can't wait to see more of your work.

Have a great weekend

Angela x
Wicker & Stitch

Lari Washburn said...

Hey Angela! So nice to meet you. I agree the class is great but lots of work...I keep wondering why I feel so tired, but I've been trying to catch up since Monday. Worth it though. :-)

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